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  • Specifications

    • Make regular shoes and boots more comfortable with 1.2cm JENNEN comfort shoe lifts.
    • Insert into regular shoes or JENNEN shoes for extra height and cushioning.
    • Constructed from premium polyurethane, they're soft, durable, breathable and won't compress over time
    • Shoe lifts thicker than 1.6cm are not recommended. They make shoes uncomfortably tight and also cause the wearer's heels to slip out.
    • When inserting 1.2cm shoe lifts into JENNEN shoes, ensure the shoes have been worn in first, otherwise they won't be as comfortable.
    • JENNEN Comfort Shoe Lifts have been recommended by doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapists to treat common ankle, heel, foot and leg injuries as well as leg length discrepancies.
    • JENNEN Comfort Shoe Lifts can be cut to fit any shoes.
  • Size Guide

    • JENNEN Comfort Shoe Lifts can fit all shoe sizes from 3.5 AUS - 13 AUS as they are very easy to cut and trim.
  • Shipping

  • Return Policy

    • For hygienic reasons, JENNEN Comfort Shoe Lifts are non-refundable.
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