Tall Shoes for Men with Invisible Heels

Shoe lifts are not the same as elevator shoes, height-increasing shoes or man heels. They are thick insoles that are inserted into shoes for extra height. Such lifts are responsible for most of the height-increase in our elevator shoes, but are also sold individually to fit into regular shoes. Whilst we can insert shoe lifts up to 7cm thick into our height-increase shoes, regular shoes can usually only accommodate 1-2cm shoe lifts, as regular shoes are not designed to fit thick insoles inside them.

Apart from major surgery, there's nothing you can do to increase your destined height. Limb lengthening surgery costs around $20,000 and requires months of recovery and rehabilitation. Limb lengthening surgery can also lead to weakened knees and stiffened joints. The result is an extra 5-8cm of height in exchange for a frail lower body and the risk of infection. 

There are companies on the internet that claim you can increase your height by inducing hormone supplements. They're a waste of money. If there really were supplements that increased your height magically, wouldn't everyone be using them? Wouldn't they be available at your local pharmacy? Instead, they're only available through 'special' websites. Another myth is that stretching can make you taller. Stretching is great for the body and mind, and will certainly make you more flexible, but not taller. Your height is determined by your genetics. Eating healthily, exercising and stretching can be beneficial to your height as you’re growing, but this is insignificant compared with your genetic make-up. If you want to know more about this, please speak to a reliable GP. It’s sad news for many, but it’s the truth.

Shoe lifts can be inserted into regular shoes, but remember, trying to insert anything thicker than 2cm is usually futile and often causes the wearer’s heels to slip out or their toes to be squashed uncomfortably.

Our shoe lifts offer height-increases of 1.2cm and 1.6cm. Trying to insert thicker lifts into your shoes is generally useless, so if you’re after more height than just 1.6cm, we recommend our height-increasing shoes.

Our tall shoes will provide you with the extra hidden height of 6-10cm without compromising style or comfort. If you’re sceptical, please feel free to read testimonials from many of our satisfied customers.