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 More attractive.

 More confident.

 More authoritative.



Height is an attractive attribute, but unlike personality (e.g. humour, confidence, intelligence) and appearance (e.g. physique, posture, dress) there is nothing you can do to increase your destined height. Our height-increasing shoes are a stylish and comfortable way to gain 6-10cm.

There is a direct relationship between height and authority. Our tall elevator shoes are worn by police officers, bouncers, security guards and many businessmen in high positions, such as CEOs.

By wearing our tall shoes, you won’t take your increased height for granted. You’ll notice your height-increase everywhere, especially in places where you are close to other people, including night clubs, dance classes and queues.




Muscularity V.S Height
Women Prefer Taller Men




Women Rate Taller Men As More Attractive: Study
Why Do Tall People Make More Money?
Studies Find The Taller, The Better
Standing Tall Pays Off 

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We're confident that you'll love our taller shoes! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Browse our quality range of height increasing shoes now.


Mohamed, Egypt - 11th February 2012

'Hello jenne. Mohamed kaddah from Cairo Egypt I just want to thanks for your product I received the shoe alinijad and I want to order for four pairs more by the same way. Altura JNK. Bertoncello, ferras, dvorak ،Boccherini Thanks. Plz send for the total money wanted to transfer it to your account'

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