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Joshua, QLD - 29th July 2013
'Hi, I reciently purchased a pair of shoes from you and very happy, could you please send me the info i need to post a video for the free pair of shoes. Cheers Josh.'
Christopher, NSW - 16th July 2013
'Hi, I have received my shoes and they are wonderful! They are very comfy and should make me that bit taller on my wedding day. Thank you for the extremely fast delivery. I would love to take up the offer of the video reference in exchange for another pair of shoes. Could you please send me the details? Regards, Christopher'
Alan, NSW - 13th June 2013
'I purchased shoes yesterday got them today sensational '
Ann, QLD - 31st May 2013
'Hi We received them today! You must have received and sent them since the email this morning. I am so grateful for your wonderful effort. By the way - the shoes fit perfectly and we are very happy with them. Thanks again Ann, (and Minoru) Yamasaki '
Christin, QLD - 30th May 2013
'Thank you for our purchase :) as always fast delivery and perfect product :) That size is perfect so thank you for your help Regards, Christin'
Simon, QLD - 29th May 2013
'Dear sir/madam, I would like to thank and commend you on your service. I am 37 and have worked in construction all my life. Two days ago I placed a order via my phone for a pair of shoes. This was my first ever online purchase. My line of work being mostly hands on there is little or no call for me to use computers. Hence I am almost computer illiterate. Your site was a breeze to navigate and the prices and quality seemed very good online. Having never shopped online it seemed to me to be somewhat risky, especially with sizes. I took the advice given regarding the shoes in question (Modesto) and ordered one size larger. All this was done from the cabin of my allterrain mobile crane on an isolated mine site 450 km west of Brisbane in under five minutes. That was on the 27/05/13. To be honest, I was less than confident on the pending outcome. The next day was the last of my 21 day roster so I headed home to Brisbane. Lo and behold, to my surprise when upon arriving home around midday my order was already delivered! Ripping straight into it I was more than pleasantly surprised. It's not often in life you get exactly what you want but I did thanks to Taller. Everything from the box to the bottom of the soles was perfect. A stylish well made shoe of exemplary quality for a very competitive price. Add to that the fact that they were there in approx 24 hours. Once again I thank you. The shoes were purchased specifically for my anniversary this coming Friday 31/05. I am only 176cm-5"7 . My strikingly beautiful lover whilst perfectly proportioned tops out at a touch over 6" before she dons her heels. I've always been aware but not overly concerned of being a little on the short side but this Friday I'll be holding my head high. High enough to kiss my lady without her stooping down. I have already recommended the service's of Taller to several of my vertically challenged colleges and I will definitely be a repeat customer. Yours in appreciation, Simon'
Vevian, NSW - 24th May 2013
'Hello, Thank you so much for delivering these shoes. Just wanted to let you know they were a perfect size! Thanks heaps!! Thanks, Kind Regards, Vevian'
Andrei, Romania - 24th May 2013
'Hello, I received today the shoes....they are awesome.thanks. In a couple of days i will send you the testiomonial video. Best regards, Andrei'
Christina, NSW - 22nd May 2013
'Thank you so much :) always a pleasure to deal with your company. And thank you for your kind wishes for our wedding. I will be back for more shoes, on your website regularly looking at your new styles. I'm waiting for some dark brown or mustard brown dress shoes for him now after a younger square point shoe for him. We're in our mid 20s so on the hunt for stylish brown shoes :) will keep checking ur latest stock. Thank you again and will let you know how the shoes go :), Regards Christina'
Christina, NSW - 20th May 2013
'Thanks so much your shoes are amazing I love them especially with girls and our heels these days :)) defiantly a satisfied always returning customer. Regards, Christina'
Renee, WA - 13th May 2013
'thanks so much, he tried the shoes and they are perfect. I will be recommending you guys to everyone! :-), Renee'
Umar, UK - 9th February 2013
'Hi, Just want to say a big thanks! Shoes are perfect and delivered well on time. Really appreciate everything and will be shopping with yourselves again! Umar Ali'
Arindam, Norway - 15th January 2013
'Hi again, I have received my order. Everything is in perfect conditions. I am very happy to see and wear the shoes.They are perfectly fitting and feel comfortable. Thank you so much. regards, Arindam'
Sam, QLD - 10th January 2013
'Hello, I was very excited to receive my shoes today - very impressed with the speed of delivery! Many thanks! Sam.'
John, QLD - 10th January 2013
'i bought a pair of Altua jnk Ferras boots and am really happy with them - the leather is very soft and has a shiny black finish. thanks.....John.'
Vu, SA - 8th January 2013
'Received , thank you. Looking to order another pair . Cheers Vu.'
Nathan, NSW - 2nd January 2013
'Will do. I have purchased your shoes before. I really love them. Great product. Regards Nathan'
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Welcome to We design the finest quality elevator shoes for men, and are also the exclusive retailers of men's height increasing shoes in Australia. You can shop online or visit our Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane stores. We also provide free delivery Australia-wide and express shipping worldwide. Our elevator shoes are designed to be comfortable and stylish, and since the height increase lies in the internal build-up of the shoes, the elevation is well hidden. Plenty of cushioning and support ensures that maximum comfort is maintained despite the height-increase. View our extensive tall shoes for men collection and read about celebrities who wear height-increasing shoes. Find out how our elevator shoes work, why ours are the finest quality height-increasing shoes and read reviews about our shoes, as well as hundreds of testimonials from our satisfied clients.

You don't need to pre-order our tall shoes. We have an extensive range of designer style shoes for short men and thousands of shoes in stock, including all sizes. We dispatch all orders within one business day.

Very few height-increasing shoes are designed as well as ours. Cheap leather or vinyl is often used. The shoe lift insoles can also be of poor quality, which can compress over time and result in a diminished height-increase. Our shoe lift insoles are of the highest quality and will not compress over time.

Our elevator shoes are not like women's high heels, which can often lead to back pain, sore feet and sore heels if worn for extended periods. The staff at TALLER enjoy the benefits of wearing our elevator shoes and wear them comfortably every day. Our tall shoes are worn by men in all professions, including dancers, actors, singers, police officers, security guards, bouncers, lawyers, teachers, real estate agents, car salesmen, musicians and businessmen. We also sell many of our elevator shoes to celebrities, grooms, groomsmen, secondary and tertiary students. Our height-increasing shoes cannot be compared with women's high heels. High heels are difficult to walk in and provide very little support and cushioning. It takes a lot of practise to walk in long, thin high heel stilettos. However, with our elevator shoes, men should feel comfortable in them almost immediately.

We also assist people who have a leg length discrepancy. Read how we can help customers with a leg length discrepancy

If you can't visit one of our stores and are unsure of your size, please use our online size suggestion guide. We allow exchanges and refunds if you're not completely satisfied. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.