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Men's Grow Taller Shoes with Invisible Height Increase


 Our elevator shoes are designed in Australia.

 Plenty of cushioning & support for maximum comfort.

 Normal-looking outsoles & hidden thick insoles.

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Men's tall shoes to grow taller with invisible height increase



Our height-increasing tall shoes are cleverly designed to make you grow taller and provide the wearer a comfortable 6-13cm lift without compromising style.

The extra height-increase comes from the inner soles, or shoe lifts. These men's shoe lifts are thick, and as a result, are unable to fit into regular shoes.

For regular shoes, we design shoe lifts that offer a height-increase of 1.2cm and 1.6cm.

If you're after more than just a height-increase of 1.6cm, we recommend trying our elevator shoes. Remember, if they don't suit you, you can always return them for an exchange or refund. Please read our return policy for details.



We're confident that you'll love our taller shoes! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Browse our quality range of height increasing shoes now.


Eddy, WA - 30th November 2012

'Hi Taller, I just wanted to give you an update, I received the new shoes size 43 on Friday and I have been wearing them for the last 4 days at work, the new size is perfect! they feel great I could walk around in these all days and after awhile I even stopped noticing that I was on a heel shoe. Thank you for the quick delivery and good customer service...I will be purchasing some more shoes so keep an eye out for my orders :) Thanks, Eddy'

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